In order to extent our services and to offer these to our costumers, we have developed a specialized bee-keeping department and we can set up various studies in the laboratory, semi-field and field conditions to evaluate the toxic effects  of plant protection products (PPPs) to bees (Apis mellifera) and bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) following the official CEB, EPPO methods, OECD Guidelines and EFSA's definitions. This activity is GLP officially recognized.


We have developed a specialized honey-bee and bumble-bee ecotoxicology department to conduct laboratory and semi-field trials. This activity is GLP officially recognized.

Laboratory studies-Honeybees

  • Adult Acute Oral Toxicity OECD 213
  • Adult Acute Contact Toxicity OECD 214
  • Adult Oral Chronic Toxicity (10 days) OECD 245
  • Brood Oral Acute Toxicity OECD 237
  • Brood Oral Chronic Toxicity (repeat exposure) Guidance document 239

Laboratory studies-Bumblebees

  • Adult Acute Oral Toxicity test OECD 247
  • Adult Acute Contact Toxicity test OECD 246

Semi-field studies-Honeybees

  • Brood OECD 75