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Plant Protection Products

Trials for the registration of plant protection products (PPP)

  • Efficacy and selectivity trials  and trials on the effect of PPP on non-target organisms according to GEP and GLP
  • Taint tests
  • Compatibility trials
  • Rotational crop trials
  • Plant varieties/hybrids evaluation trials 
  • Trials for the evaluation of integrated PPP programs 
  • Positioning trials

We conduct trials for: Herbicides - Insecticides - Acaricides - Fungicides - Nematicides - Fertilizers - Plant growth regulators


Biological products 

Macro-organisms  –Micro-organisms  –  Plant extracts –  Semiochemicals



We are able to carry out trials with:

  • micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycorrhizae)
  • organic compounds (amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, etc)
  • inorganic compounds 

using various application methods: foliar spray - soil application etc 


Positioning - Marketing

Anadiag Hellas can support  the PPP registration process with:
  • Field efficacy trials
  • Positioning trials 
  • Marketing and demonstration trials