ANADIAG SA started working in 1998 with external assistants responsible for field trials in Greece. Efficacy trials, according to the Greek laws were performed.

In 2002
ANADIAG HELLAS L.t.d was founded in northern of Greece, as an independent company. The same year, the firm obtained GLP recognition from the Greek officials.

In 2005, our test site has been recognized for GEP trials.
In 2006
ANADIAG HELLAS L.t.d started a branch station in Crete.


The head office in northern Greece is located in the city of Veria, Imathia, (70Km away from the Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki) which is one of the most important agricultural areas in Greece.

The Branch station in Crete is located in the city of Heraklion (5 Km from N. Kazanzakis Airport). The island of Crete is one of the most important areas for glasshouse crops in Greece.

The presence of Anadiag Hellas in both areas provides easy access to all crops and targets native to Greece, while the branch in Crete enables us to extent the available period for glasshouse trials even throughout winter.


G.L.P. Certificate (Click to enlarge).

G.E.P. Certificate (Click to enlarge).